Get Your Body Back After Baby

HookedUpBlog is thrilled to have Jené Luciani as a guest blogger, writing about the challenge of (and solution to) feeling like your old self after bringing your little miracle into the world.

Body After Baby: My Two Cents

The Bra Book by Jené Luciani, 2nd Edition The Bra Book by Jené Luciani, 2nd Edition[/caption]

Two dress sizes and one extra roll or two later, I stare at my beautiful baby boy – and my almost unrecognizable reflection in the mirror.  After having my daughter 6 years ago and coming out of that pregnancy a size 14, I vowed that if I ever “did it again,” I’d be staying in shape so I could bounce back more quickly.  It just so happens that 6 years ago, in my first go-round, I was embarking on my book tour for The Bra Book carrying all that extra baby weight. Well I did do it again, and this time around, after birthing baby Kalen, I’m getting ready to tour for The Bra Book, 2nd Edition, and even though I did manage to stay in shape, once again, am working to shed some unavoidable extra pounds.


This time around, I was a size 2 when I got pregnant. I had adopted a healthy lifestyle and made fitness a priority.  It helps when you have a good cheerleader and supportive partner (my son’s father really helped motivate me).  Even with a high-risk pregnancy at 38 years old and on blood thinners, I worked out the entire time (yes that was me doing squats in the gym at 9 months pregnant with a 50-pound barbell on my back). If you watch me on my TV segments, or read any of my books, I’m a big advocate of “size does not matter” and women of all shapes are beautiful.  I simply like living a healthy lifestyle. But, any woman will tell you that after seeing all the changes her body goes through after childbirth, size very much does matter. Sometimes, you just want your old self back.

After a few setbacks, I’m back in the gym as much as my schedule permits. My goal is always 5 days a week.  The gym has a daycare so in my opinion, there are no excuses! I understand not every woman feels comfortable in the gym but the point is, to get up and get moving.  Another thing that’s going to be my saving grace: SHAPEWEAR. Ladies, if you haven’t yet gotten on the shapewear bandwagon, ya gotta.  It’s life-changing. Seriously.  Right now there’s flab where there wasn’t before and guess what a good shaper does? Instant toning.  And those extra 2 dress sizes? A high compression garment can almost melt them away!!

But of course, this isn’t all about looking better. It’s about confidence and just feeling like that women you once were BEFORE you became MOM.  With so many changes going on in your life after you have a baby, a little secret like shapewear can go a long way to bringing about some “normalcy” back to your life.

Well, the baby’s screaming so I’ve gotta run (as a sit in the backseat of my Tahoe waiting for my daughter’s dance class to get out, typing away on my laptop). Did I say normal?

Disclaimer: There is NOTHING WRONG with being a size 14. Or a size 20. Or a size 0. For me, that was just not my healthy, and I knew it. So I made a change.

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