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What is the best shapewear?

What is the best shapewear?

The best kind of shapewear is the kind that doesn’t aggravate the hell out of you, does what it’s supposed to do and makes you look and feel amazing. Sounds logical, right?  You would think…

Shapewear has been around forever – from the old fashioned lace up corsets of the eighteenth century, to today’s softer products made famous by our friend Oprah Winfrey. Unfortunately, for the modern woman, the fit and function problems that forced our sisters from the Victorian Era to drink a little too much “tonic,” are the same issues that continue to plague us today.

How is this possible? Haven’t celebrities been touting the benefits of shapewear for years? Shouting out the name of their Famous Brand shapewear on red carpets across the globe? Unfortunately, for the regular “I-just-want-to-look-good-everyday” kinda girl, the shapewear we’ve all been forced to wear, is simply not working. Here’s why:

  • Shapewear is NOT supposed to roll down, but it does, and most of us don’t have a glam squad waiting on us hand-and-foot to fix our wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Shapewear is NOT supposed to slim you by cutting off your circulation and making it impossible to breathe - but traditional shapewear does.  Comfort or contouring – why do other brands make you choose?
  • Shapewear is NOT supposed to add problems where there were none.  Isn’t it crazy that I never even knew I had back fat until I tried on Famous Brand shapewear that rolled down and cause a giant lump on my back?
  • Shapewear is NOT supposed to show under clothes, but shapewear with boning, zippers or seams right down the center will ALL show under clothes.  Isn’t shapewear supposed to look so incredible that no one knows you’re wearing it?

In fairness, there have been shaping advancements in the areas of fabric technology, compression, breathability and aesthetics, but these developments do not solve the #1 problem with shapewear – it rolls down.

If a woman purchases a piece of shapewear claiming to work wonders for her body, but the second she moves the shapewear rolls down to her waist, failing to do the only job it was meant to do, who benefits? Certainly not the woman who put her trust and hard earned money into a company hoping their products would perform the way they said they would. The real beneficiary is the billion dollar company - everyone knows that you can’t return worn underwear.  Tricky, don’t you think?


At HookedUp Shapewear, we know that shapewear MUST  be a performance product, so we fixed all of the problems the other shapewear brands are creating - and ignoring.  

We spent years making sure that when you put our product on your body, it works every single time you wear it.  Period.   Our mission is simple – your real life and your real needs translated into products that do what they're supposed to do.

xo Tara

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