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The Best Strapless Bridal Shapewear: From Small to Plus Size

Brides love shapewear, in particular strapless shapewear, but nothing can turn a blushing beauty into a Bridezilla faster than a slimmer that doesn’t work on the big day!


Last year we ran a shapewear contest with plus size blogger extraordinaire Chastity Garner from GarnerStyle. It was a Halloween give-a-away asking women to tell us their shapewear “horror” stories. There was one girl I will never forget.  As she started walking down the aisle, in her dream mermaid-style gown, her shapewear started to roll.  “I couldn’t stop the ceremony and run to the restroom, so I just had to suffer through,” she explained. “Needless to say - my wedding pictures from the actual ceremony have been misplaced."

My heart broke for her.  All I could think was how terrible it must have been for this woman, during one of the biggest moments of her life, worrying about, thinking about, dealing with underwear that literally ruined her day.   Aren’t there a ton of shapewear options out there? A million shapewear companies? A bunch of “you-know-you-didn’t-design-it” celebrities launching shapewear brands? How is it possible that nothing, not one option, worked for this lady? Because here’s what was out there:

The High-Waist Nightmare – Sure, you can wear this style shaper with a strapless bra, but it’s a colossal waste of time because it rolls down the second you move, making it useless. Imagine your wedding day – you pull it up, it rolls down. You pull it up again, it rolls down again. Pull up, roll down. Pull up, roll down. Over and over and over – all night long.  By the end of the night, you’ll wish you had eloped!

The Open-Bust Straight Jacket – You can’t wear this style with anything strapless, and ugh – the digging, pinching, layering mess that cuts into your skin causing chafing between your breast and underarm. It’s the worst, most uncomfortable, unflattering and unbelievably bad design ever.




The “Nobody-Fits-Into-Them” Bodysuits – With this style of shapewear, large garments come with large cups and small garments with small cups. No problem if you’re Heidi Klum – perfectly proportioned breasts, paired with perfectly proportioned hips in a perfect hourglass shape.   Sound familiar?  Not for me either. I’m completely out of proportion- giant F cup breasts with the waist and hips of a 12 year old boy.  It’s terrible, but the thought of doing squats is worse. No bodysuit on earth fits me. I guess bodysuit manufacturers have forgotten that women don’t always come in perfect packages.

Because women of all sizes were struggling with limited options that caused more problems than they were worth, we decided to change everything you have ever known about strapless shapewear by taking the ridiculous out, and building smart in. HookedUp Shapewear connects easily to your strapless bra by hooking right into the loops on the back band (the loops that are meant for the bra’s removable straps), creating a customized shaping solution that works with whatever your shape happens to be. Our garments come in sizes small to XL, and plus size 1X, 2X and 3X.  Just pick your favorite strapless bra, choose the HookedUp Shapewear size and style that suits your needs. It's that simple!  

Oh - and using the rest room?  We fixed that too with “easy access” openings on every style we offer – there’s no need to pull anything down to “go!”

If you have a strapless wedding gown and strapless shaping needs, we can help.  Go to www.HookedUpShapewear.com - and say “I Do” to perfection!

xo Tara

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