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How To Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

We’ve all experienced it – dancing and partying on a special night out, and all of the sudden you feel it.  The thing you’d been dreading since the moment you walked out the door – your high-waist shapewear sliding, slipping, flipping, and wiggling itself right down your back, ending up in a thick, lumpy, tight, uncomfortable ring around your mid-section.  Then, the worst - the inevitable “Shapewear Walk of Shame.”  There are three:

1)            Walking to the bathroom, pulling off your shaper and throwing it in the garbage.

2)            Walking over to a quiet corner to “inconspicuously” pull it up. (Everyone sees)

3)            Walking to the bar, throwing back a few shots and pretending that it’s not happening.  But it is.





I’ve heard it all when it comes to how women have tried, in vain, to get their undergarments to stay put.  Here are the Top 5 ways women have tried to keep their shapewear from rolling down.  *WARNING* – Some of these methods may send you to the ER.

  1. Duct Tape.

It’s true – women actually wrap this stuff around their bodies, taping not only their shapewear but their skin as well.  I’ve heard it works (if you can deal with the ugly wrinkles in the tape that show right through clothes, and not being able to breathe) - it’s the "coming off" process that’s a total nightmare.  Oh, going to Home Depot for beauty products, that’s a nightmare too.

  1.  Body Glue. 

Actors and actresses have been using this stuff for years.  They spread it all over their body (all over), let it get tacky, then stick on the clothing they want to keep in place.  The cons?  Rashes, blisters and keep your finger crossed that you don’t accidentally pull off some skin when it’s time to get undressed.  Ouch!

  1.  Pinning. 

Women have been known to pin their shapewear in place.  Beyonce’s mom, Tina Knowles, in an appearance on The View said that this was how she kept her Spanx from rolling down.  The Problem (other than holes in your clothes and pins that pop open)?  Beyonce has a glam squad – a small army of people dressing and pinning her to perfection before she walks out the door.  Do you?  How would the average non-diva do it?   Maybe you could ask your sweetie to do it for you?  Personally, I’d rather die than have my husband see me in my shapewear.  Just saying.

  1.  Stapling. Too cringeworthy to really discuss; one wrong move and you’re literally a fashion victim.

  1.  HookedUp Shapewear. 

No tape, no glue, no pins, no staples – no embarrassment.  Just two little hooks connected to your bra and voila – shapewear that CAN’T roll down.

Oh, and don’t worry about “nature calling,” we’ve made that easy, too.  Thanks to ingenious function and real-life solution, the days of ridiculous gimmicks and having to “figure it out” on your own are totally over.   To get into hassle-free, pain-free shapewear today, shop now at hookedupshapewear.com.


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