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5 Lines of BS Other Shapewear Brands Want You to Believe

1. The BS:  Shapewear will only roll down when you wear the wrong size.
The Truth:
  Ha! Shapewear rolls down because of Newton’s Law of Gravity. We’ve tested every high-waist brand of shapewear on the market.  It didn’t matter if it was too big, too small or just the right size, it all rolled down – no exceptions. HookedUp Shapewear defies gravity by hooking to your favorite bra, making it impossible to roll down. Sorry Isaac…we win!

2. The BS:  Bodysuits are the perfect shapewear solution.
The Truth
: Get Real! Unfortunately bodysuits are made with matching cup and body sizes – small bodysuits have small cups – large bodysuits have large cups. Are manufacturers forgetting that women don’t always have perfectly proportioned bodies? What about the women who have small breasts and a larger mid-section or vice versa??  HookedUp Shapewear customizes to YOUR body – just pick your perfect HookedUp style and size and pair it with your favorite bra and you’ll have the perfect fit every time.

3. The BS:   Open Bust styles allow you wear your own bra.
The Truth:
  OMG…this style is the worst! Because it goes “around” your breasts it digs into the skin between the breast and underarm causing chafing and redness.  It even gave me a blister! It layers, it’s hot, it’s constricting, and makes you feel like you’re wearing two bras.  Give me a break! With HookedUp Shapewear there are no layers, no extra straps, just a concealed, comfy, perfect fit, and isn’t that the point? 


4. The BS:   Multiple strap connectors will prevent shapewear from rolling down.
The Truth:  This one is my favorite myth and requires nothing more than a photograph to prove how ridiculous it is. Here is how this style looks on a real body (size 6).  Enough said….

5. The BS: Shapewear is uncomfortable because it’s tight.
The Truth
: Shapewear is ONLY uncomfortable when it rolls down, digs in and pinches your skin. Period. Getting HookedUp and eliminating these problems allows you to experience shapewear the way it was meant to be - a smoothing, shaping miracle that will give you confidence in anything you wear!

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