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“Women are Stupid!” Say What?

For as long as I live I will NEVER forget a meeting that I had with one of the biggest intimate apparel companies in the world.  As I sat in the conference room with a top male executive and his all-female design staff, the executive decided to “school” me on the female intimate apparel consumer.  He said, and I quote:

“Women are stupid – they don’t know what they need, WE tell them what they need.”

As the words came out of his mouth three things happened:

1) My jaw hit the conference room table,
2) My heart broke for the women, his staff, sitting next to me, and
3) He quickly scrambled when he saw my reaction of pure horror, then dug himself in deeper by saying - ”Well, not you…you’re a designer, you know.”

I left that meeting crystal clear about my future in the intimate apparel business and at that moment a decision was made:     Change how things are done.

Here is my company’s promise to you:

-To run a company that designs products for women – not for investors or Boards of Directors and not for the sole intention of lining our pockets.
-To create products that actually work – in real life.  No gimmicks, not ever!
-To NEVER sell a product that doesn’t perform exactly the way we say it will.
-To make it our mission to find out what isn’t working in the world of intimate apparel, and fix it. HookedUp Shapewear is just the beginning.

Now…because my husband says I always have to have the last word, here is my open letter to that executive:

Dear Caveman CEO,

Women are not stupid.

To say that your comments were disrespectful and disgusting would be the understatement of the century, but your company’s plummeting market share should be proof enough to you that your customer, that “stupid” woman you described, was smart enough to see right through you, your company and your products.

Kiss, Kiss,
Tara Cavosie

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