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Shapewear for Everyday?

Shapewear for Everyday?

For me, and most women I know, 90% of my wardrobe is casual – even my work clothes. I’m a working mom and spend my days in meetings, running errands, attending school events, managing my household…and if I’m really lucky, grabbing a quick cup of coffee with a girlfriend. Jeans are my go-to staple. Add a t-shirt and a cute pair of ballet flats and I’m ready for anything involving the kids. Throw on a blazer, some chunky jewelry and heels, and off to a meeting I go! Casual dresses, simple skirts and transitional tops round out my closet, and for me, all of it requires shapewear!

My “forty-something” body is not as tight and toned as it used to be - thank you all things sweet and fried - and my casual wardrobe can easily go from cool and relaxed to hot mess in a hot minute! T-shirts and relaxed fit tops are generally made from thin, lightweight fabric – guaranteed to show everything you want to hide. Jeans, slacks, skirts, even yoga pants all stop at the natural waist, and unless you’re Gisele Bündchen, will create a roll over the top of the waistband. Ugh!

Luckily, the right shapewear fixes it all!

Casual can be sleek, pulled together and beautiful – the HookedUp Shapewear High Waist Shaping Brief is the answer!

-Perfect under pants!
-Full tummy control.
-Slims back and love handles to perfection.
-Light weight and breathable for all-day-long wear.
-Fully opening hook and eye closure at the crotch for easy access when “nature calls.”
-No VPL (visible panty lines)! Thin, non-elastic leg openings lay flat and are virtually invisible under clothes!
-NO chance it will ever roll down thanks to our patented design and hooking system!

Now, go be casual & fabulous!

xo Tara


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