Why I designed HookedUp Shapewear

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Why I designed HookedUp Shapewear

Shapewear made me cry…and that’s why I designed HookedUp Shapewear.

My life was nuts. I was juggling a wonderful husband (who under protest, hadn’t seen me naked with the lights on in years), two kids that I thought were secretly trying to kill me, the cutest but smelliest Lhasa Apso on earth, family commitments, amazing friends, school events, school projects, weddings, parties, holidays, birthdays, meetings and work drama beyond words. I was completely exhausted and my body was the collateral damage. Enter shapewear.

The first time I tried it I stood in my closet, looked at myself in the mirror, burst into tears, then followed up with a strong “WTF!?”.  Then more tears.

A million thoughts raced through my head:

  • Why is this thing rolling down every time I move?
  • Where the hell did this back fat and muffin top come from?
  • Is it always this uncomfortable?
  • This will look terrible under that jersey wrap dress that I just bought.
  • Can’t let my husband see me in this.
  • Isn’t shapewear supposed to solve problems, not give me more?
  • Who is making this stuff and don’t they know their products suck?

Then, the inevitable self-blame:

  • I must have done something wrong.  Did I put it on wrong?  Was I wearing the wrong size?
  • Was I an idiot?
  • Or my worst fear – was I too out of shape to even look good in the one thing that was supposed to make me look better?

After a moment I managed to pull it together, peeled off the self-esteem killer, threw on my comfort zone yoga pants and got to work.

Being classic Type A my mission was clear:  Find out what the hell was going on and fix it - I did.

Check out the results on my website, www.HookedUpShapewear.com and watch my video:  HookedUp Shapewear Works!


Carol Taylor
Carol Taylor

March 20, 2017

Saw your product on The Today Show with Kathi Lee ! Is there a video to watch that will show how the briefs connect to your bra? Do you recommend certain bras for your briefs ?
Are your products available in any retail stores in Michigan ?
Thank you for any info you can provide.

Carol Taylor


January 29, 2017

YES! I thought about how to do this for years! So happy someone figured this out. I used to pin my shaper to my bra. Now we need the same for pantyhose. Thank you, thank you!

Unati Fumba
Unati Fumba

June 21, 2016

Do you sell in South Africa coz your story is a thousands people’s story, please find a distributor

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