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The Underwear Graveyard

We all have an Underwear Graveyard – a drawer full of unusable underwear – and though we hate to open it or even acknowledge its existence, its history is well known. Every once in a while we visit our graveyard (mostly on laundry days) and are forced to see its contents: garments that were once purchased with high hopes, but after wearing and experiencing their torturous “real life” fit and function, into the graveyard they went.

 The graveyard is a hopeless, depressing, expensive place and the worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it. You can’t give its contents away, you can’t donate underwear, and the thought of throwing away something that you spent your hard earned money on seems crazy - right?

The number of casualties in the graveyard is staggering:      


Pretty lacy bras that looked so amazing on your body but  itched so badly that you had to rip them off your body half way through the day. T-shirt bras that were sleek and perfect under your favorite cotton tee, but the underwire dug so deep into your skin that you literally had red blisters an hour into wearing it.  

The cutest pair of colorful panties that put a little spring-in-your-step, but sadly as you sprung through your day, they wiggled their way into all of the wrong places.  Tight elastic trim that rubbed and chaffed your skin so ferociously that you needed your first-aid kit for relief.  Your “comfy” undies made from the softest fabric on earth – but left a visible panty line that could be seen from outer space. Shapewear that in theory seemed like a great idea for smoothing out the trouble spots – you wrestled in, got them up but sadly the second you moved they rolled down to your mid-section creating a gigantic tire tube around your waist – the exact thing you were trying to hide.  You pulled them off and into the graveyard they went – getting moved around, pushed aside and stacked in rows, only to make way for the next round that would eventually join them.

Here’s the good news: The graveyard is not your fault.

I’ve been designing intimate apparel for over 15 years and in that time, I’ve discovered the problem: the companies who are making your underwear are absolutely and completely disconnected from YOUR reality.

Recently I read an article in Women's Wear Daily.  In it, the CEO of a billion dollar intimate apparel company said "There is no function without beauty."  

No function without beauty?! (Big Sigh)  Comments like this are the problem and why we have wedgies, itchy bras, poking underwire and rolling down shapewear - and all of the pretty lace and silky fabrics in the world can’t fix these functional problems. Anyone who thinks differently is designing for their boardroom, not their customer.


When I launched HookedUp Shapewear, I wanted to do something different - totally different. Billion dollar companies have fancy offices, expensive computer systems and teams of research and development people with impressive design degrees, yet somehow none of them were able to figure out how to keep their shapewear products from rolling down.  Me? I design like a consumer who wants products that work - not like a giant corporate conglomerate.

I design when I’m moving - getting dressed, dancing at a wedding, bending over to pick up my dog.  That’s where the magic happens - in the moment - and how HookedUp Shapewear evolved.  Great functional design doesn't happen sitting at a computer terminal with a supervisor breathing down someone’s neck pushing them to design something – anything, for the sole purpose of making money. Where’s the passion in that?   Passion is the key, it’s what inspires great design and results in amazing, innovative products - it’s also what puts an end to the underwear graveyard.  My goal is simple – to create and wear products that work the way they’re supposed to, that are comfortable and don’t aggravate the hell out of me during the day.  I want all women to have the same.  They deserve it.

xo Tara


Laura Lynn Kessler
Laura Lynn Kessler

October 26, 2015

I am building a house but have lived in my current home for 26 years. I have four drawers of underwear graveyard that I don’t even go in anymore out of sadness. I’ve put off going through them until now and I’m weeks away from moving. The sight of all the money I’ve spent and can’t wear makes me sick. I probably could’ve built the house for what I’ve paid in lingerie and undergarments. I’m looking forward to wearing your new creations. Congratulations on your success!


September 14, 2015

great article—-great product

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