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How to find the perfect strapless bra for your wedding dress

Wedding season is in full swing! 

It’s rare these days to attend a wedding and see the bride in anything other than a strapless gown...but it’s also no surprise why. 

Strapless  gowns are timeless and classic and always look amazing.  What’s not amazing is the time, effort and stress that goes into finding undergarments that work with these stunning silhouette because they're strapless.

As you all know, strapless bras are THE WORST - painful and pathetically unsupportive - especially if you’re any size over an A cup, but a necessary evil on the big day if you’re planning on wearing a strapless gown. 

To avoid a sloppy strapless slip down during your “I Do’s,”  here are some simple tips and tricks that will allow you to get hitched and keep the girls exactly where they need to be.


1) Find a strapless bra with full cups. 
Forget sexy plunging bra cups for these styles…unless you don’t mind a wardrobe malfunction mid YMCA, Electric Slide, Macarena or whatever the kids are doing these days.  LOL   Fuller cups offer more coverage and that means more support. 


2) Make sure your band is SNUG!! 
This is the biggest mistake women make when choosing a strapless bra.  In order to keep that sucker up, your band has to be sung - there’s no way around it ladies, trust me.


3) Strapless Bra + HookedUp Shapewear = Wedding Gown perfection.
Just because you're wearing a strapless gown, it doesn't mean you need to forgo your shapewear. If you’re a bride looking for some smoothing and shaping for your body conscious wedding gown, we’ve got you covered. 
Most strapless bras come with removable straps, so just hook your HookedUp Shapewear into the loops on the back band of the bra - and that's it! Jump the Broom, toss the bouquet, and glide across the floor on your first dance - your shapewear will stay put and you will look smooth, sleek and gorgeous in your photos forever!


For more tips onfinding the best strapless bra, check out my video below!
xo Tara

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