Product and Fit Questions
What makes HookedUp Shapewear different from other brands?

Our patented design and hooking system eliminates the space between your bra and shapewear, completely ending rolling down, back fat, muffin top and discomfort.
How does HookedUp Shapewear connect to my bra? ▼
It's so easy. Before wearing, connect the hooks to the back straps of your bra. With bra connected, step into the shapewear and pull up the same way you would with a one piece bathing suit. Fasten the closure of your bra...and you're done!
Why does HookedUp Shapewear come with a bag of extra hooks? ▼
Because HookedUp Shapewear connects to the straps of your bra, and because there are so many brands and styles of bras on the market that come with varying width straps, we've provided different width hooks so that you can customize HookedUp Shapewear to any of your bras. If your bra has a narrow strap, use the small hook. If your bra has a wider strap, use the large hook.
Why does HookedUp Shapewear come with extenders? ▼
The extenders are provided to reach bra straps on high back bras. Simply connect the open end of the extender to the hook provided in the loop. Now connect the hook at end of the extender to back straps of your bra. It's that easy!
What kind of bra can I wear with HookedUp Shapewear? ▼
Any bra! Push-up, full coverage, nursing, strapless, minimizer...just pick your favorite, hook it up and go!
Using a strapless bra? ▼
First, make sure that the back band of your strapless bra fits very snug to ensure that there will be no slipping. Once your bra fits properly, simply hook the shapewear into the loops, on the strapless bra, that are provided for the bra's removable straps. It's that easy to go strapless and be HookedUp!
Loops? ▼
There are 6 loop positions on the HookedUp™ Shapewear that allow you to customize your shapewear to your bra. If your bra had narrow set or wider set straps, simply connect your hooks into the loops that line up with your bra straps!
Can I wear HookedUp Shapewear while pregnant? ▼
We suggest wearing HookedUp Shapewear post-pregnancy, but before you do, please consult with your physician. And you can wear a nursing bra with our shapewear!​
Sizing Information
​How do I know what size I wear in HookedUp Shapewear?
It's easy! Your panty size is your HookedUp Shapewear size. For example, if you wear a size Large panty, your HookedUp Shapewear should be a size large.
Is HookedUp Shapewear available in Plus Sizes? ▼

Absolutely yes! 1X, 2X, and 3X.
Shipping and Order Queries
My order arrived and it's defective, what should I do?
E-mail us at info@HookedUpShapewear.com or call customer service at (866) 278-3739.
My order arrived and it's the wrong size, style or color,what should I do? ▼
E-mail us at info@HookedUpShapewear.com or call customer service at (866) 278-3739.
Care Instructions
Hand wash or machine wash, delicate cycle, cold water. Hang dry. Do not put in the dryer. Do not bleach.
Contact Information
Media Contacts
Please e-mail inquiries to: info@HookedUpShapewear.com or call (760)-895-3584.
Still have questions about the fit of the garment and sizing? ▼